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Nocturne features the Banshees live in concert from the Royal Albert Hall (Sept 30th & Oct 1st 1983) , featuring Robert Smith from The Cure on guitar.

Extras include the Channel 4 Documentary Play At Home ( 53 mins approx) and the Promotional Video for 'Dear Prudence'. Absolutely worth the wait, and every cent I paid for it.

Their first single, "Hong Kong Garden", featuring a xylophone motif, reached the top 10 in the UK shortly after.

A NME review hailed it as "a bright, vivid narrative, something like snapshots from the window of a speeding Japanese train, power charged by the most original, intoxicating guitar playing I heard in a long, long time".

Anyone will recognize their depth and talent with Nocturne, and Siouxsie's dynamic stage presence is enough to make anyone respect the band.

This is one of the greatest live shows in history!!!

That's right folks, despite what one reviewer here has said, this is not the full concert.

The extras are a fascinating look inside the Banshees' Wonderland.

Nocturne is a must-have for Banshees fans new and old and is a long time coming. My copy has a sticker on it stating it was manufactured in Germany and I've had no problems playing it on my computer, in my home theater system nor in my portable DVD player.

Siouxsie and the Banshees is quite possibly one of the greatest bands to exist ever, even through all of their transformations.

Journalist Caroline Coon dubbed them the "Bromley Contingent", as most of them came from the Bromley region of South London, a label Severin came to despise.

"There was no such thing, it was just a bunch of people drawn together by the way they felt and they looked".

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This is a true gem, especially for the behind the scenes look, but if you want to experience the concert more acurately be sure to play those two tracks ("Eve White/Eve Black and "Voodoo Dolly") last.

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